Corporate Responsibility

The principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability are reflected throughout Nuco’s established business practices. These principles, including shared values and ethics, strengthen our relationships with customers, employees and the communities and environment in which we operate. Nuco respects local laws and customs throughout its global dealings which involves supporting international laws and regulations. Corporate responsibility and sustainability is integral to the way in which Nuco has done business in the past and the way Nuco will do business in the future.

It is imperative that Nuco delivers added value to its stakeholders whilst recognising its responsibilities to both the environment and the community. Strict adherence to ethical policies whether, for example, sourcing materials from overseas suppliers or recruiting employees locally is very important to Nuco and is one reason why Nuco is the partner of choice for a number of global organisations.

Nuco is pro-active in establishing practices and products that benefit the planet, people and reduce waste. Nu Mineral is an example of the type of initiative that Nuco recognises meets its corporate responsibility and sustainability objectives. Nuco remains open, transparent, responsible and accountable as a leading supplier of stationery products.

Nu News

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The Student Enterprise Team

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