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Wiltshire Town threatened by 10 tonnes of burning PVC.

  Ever wondered about the environmental threat posed by PVC? Take a look at these pictures of a fire at a plastics factory

6th July 2016

US EPA Investigation into PVC site groundwater contamination

        The Environmental Protection Agency in the US is investigating a former PVC manufacturing site for the contamination of the

19th October 2015

Nu Stone Passes the Test

We are often asked by out customers – “What are the benefits of nu stone?” Apart from being entirely tree free, wipeable, durable and non

4th September 2015

BBC Business Features Nu Stone Paper

“How to save trees? Make paper from stone” says BBC BBC Business have posted a great article on their website featuring an in-depth look

1st September 2015

What will it take for water to take its true place centre stage?

Water and its sustainability in Supply Chain

1st April 2015

The Student Enterprise Team

Nu Stone Tradie ‘Elevator Pitch’ competition

24th March 2015

New Study: Plastic in Oceans is on the rise

National Geographic publishes New Study

18th February 2015

Ocean Plastic Estimated at 5.25 Trillion Pieces – But Where’s the Rest?

The deluge of plastic detritus swirling about in our oceans weighs in at 269,000 metric tons, according to the most comprehensive research on

15th December 2014

Nu Stone Paper Stands up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is helping to promote awareness of the ALS disease encourage donations to research.  We took the challenge with our 100%

24th October 2014

How Our Addiction To Plastic Is Turning The Oceans Toxic

To some extent we are all aware of the dangers toxic plastic materials pose to our planet. However how many of us are

23rd October 2014