Product Range

The Nu Stone range of printable substrates are a revolutionary alternative to traditional 100% synthetic and plastic products. The Nu Stone family of products offer a unique combination that combines real-world sustainability without the usual price premiums associated with “green” materials.

The Nu Stone range of products is comprised fundamentally of two different “mixtures”.

The following products are created using a mixture of 80% chalk and 20% HDPE.

80:20 Products

Nu Stone Print is a waterproof synthetic paper that is up to two thirds cheaper than “100% plastic alternatives.
Nu Stone Opaque is the perfect alternative if you are looking to reduce plastic consumption without paying a “Green” premium

60:40 Products

Nu Stone Digital – All of the Nu Stone products can be printed on UV digital machines, rolls or sheets, but we have also created a range of specially coated products for other Digital printers. 

Additional Products

Nu Stone Indigo – We work with a coating specialist and can offer any of our products with a coating for HP Indigo use.

Nu Stone Thermal Transfer – Our untreated products works well with all Thermal Transfer printers but we can also provide a product with a special treatment for enhanced printability

Nu Stone Packaging is a unique grade aimed at the thermoformed packaging industry

Nu Stone Wide Format – Exclusive to Nuco products with a special surface treatment for Inkjet and Eco Solvent digital reels production


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