Nu Stone Card

Nu Stone Card is the “natural” alternative for those manufacturers and end users that are looking to reduce their plastic consumption whilst retaining many of the properties of traditional 100% plastic products such as PVC and PP or laminated paper products.

Nu Stone Card is the more “plastic like” product in the Nu Stone range of products made from 60% chalk and 40% HDPE. Nu Stone Card is produced on a cast extruder and then has a further coating of chalk applied on an offline machine which also calendars the product to give it an ultra smooth feel.

Feels like plastic prints like paper

An excellent receptive print surface that can be printed conventionally with oxidising or hard drying inks or UV printed on a digital flat bed or offset machine.

POS Display Products

Nu Stone Card lends itself to a huge variety of printed applications. As we try to avoid the use of additional additives, the product has a natural translucence that lends itself to one sided print products such as back lit displays.

Tough tags and labels

It can also be used as an alternative to 100% synthetic materials traditionally used for labels, baggage tags, garment tags and any other tag that requires some degree of resilience and to be completely waterproof or oil and grease repellent. Nu Stone Card is not 100% tear resistant but becomes increasingly difficult to tear as the caliper increases.

Commercially viable environmentally sustainable

Nu Stone Card is a viable alternative to PVC and Polypropylene although in many respects considerably easier to print and handle than its competitors. Again we look to compete commercially in terms of price and production time with Nu Stone Card.


Available in sheet form in the UK in 200, 250 and 300 mics (350 and 400 mics from the manufacturer)

Limited roll stock as well.

Heavier weight alternatives

Our production plant also has the ability to laminate Nu Stone Card so we can also offer 400 – 800 mics Nu Stone Card for some packaging type applications.

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