brochures and manuals can be made from and printed on waterproof oil and grease resistant nu stone paper and card material as an alternative to plastic and PVC

Nu Stone Print

Nu Stone Print is a waterproof synthetic paper that is up to two thirds cheaper than 100% plastic alternatives

Nu Stone Print is produced from 80% chalk and 20% HDPE. Initially blown extruded, it then receives an separate inline coating to give it its excellent and luxurious print surface.

Perfect for printed products used outdoors

Nu Stone Print is the perfect solution when a finished printed product needs some extra resilience but primarily needs to be completely water resistant. It also has great grease and oil resistance and is therefore perfect for products used in dirty environments or tough conditions.

Saving money and saving the environment

Considerably more cost effective than 100% plastic alternatives, Nu Stone Print sits in a unique position between traditional coated paper products and synthetic paper. Nu Stone Print can be used in vast number of different applications and is most cost effective when it enables sometimes costly finished products to be “de-engineered” i.e. no costly additional  lamination is required.

Plastic that handles like a paper

It also enables traditional litho printers an entry into the printed plastics market as it can be printed conventionally with oxidising or hard drying inks.


100 – 200 microns. UK stock available in 450×640 and 720×1020 and also reels for conversion.

Also available through our UK Distributors network.

Heavier weight alternatives

It is also possible for us to laminate Nu Stone Print together (Nu Stone Print Card) to create a range of products from 210 – 400 microns. Price and availability on application.

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