Nu Stone Digital

All of the Nu Stone products can be printed on UV digital machines, rolls or sheets, but we have also created a range of specially coated products for other Digital media.


Working with an HP Certified coating we can offer any of our products for use on HP Indigo’s.

Nu Stone Print can be printed and used for short run manuals or labelling, Nu Stone Card can be coated for shelf labelling or short run POS type products.

Like many plastic products the Nu Stone products are likely to shrink to a small degree when printed on an Indigo machine and we recommend depending on the nature of the work that “one shot” printing is used. It is possible to print all of our products on “four shot” machines but it is recommended that a null cycle is run to pre-shrink the material.

Wide Format – Inkjet and Eco Solvent

We have also developed a special coating that enables our material to be printed on reel fed digital machines either Inkjet or Eco Solvent.

These materials are the perfect alternative to PVC pull up banners or any other graphical applications that lends itself to a water proof and resilient substrate.

We would recommend our Opaque product for pull up banners.

We currently have reels of 914mm Nu Stone Print available for testing with an Inkjet and Eco Solvent suitable coating.

Cannon Colorwave

Our products have also been tested successfully on Cannon Colorwave

Please contact the sales team for more information.