What is Nu Stone?

Nu Stone Paper and Plastics are a range of environmentally friendly printable synthetic papers and plastics for manufacturers and consumers looking for alternatives to 100% plastic products without the premiums often associated with making that “green” choice.

Whilst the search for a commercially viable Bioplastic goes on. Nu Stone is a real world alternative available now! Click here to see a summary of our product range

Patented Production Process

The Nu Stone range of products have been developed over the last 10 years and are manufactured using a patented production process that enables us to mix large quantities of chalk with small quantities of Polyethylene (HDPE). Depending on which product range you choose we mix 60 – 80% chalk with 20 – 40% P.E.Nu Stone story 1


Reclaimed Raw Materials

The chalk that we use is a bi product of the mining industry and is reclaimed by our production plant to be used in the manufacturing process. Chalk has been used in the production of printing papers and plastics for hundreds of years as it provides the perfect surface for vibrant print reproduction.

Our unique ability to use chalk as our raw material also means that we are not reliant on the oil industry and can avoid the price hikes that blight many other plastic products that are.

Energy Efficient and Clean Production Process

Our manufacturing process is clean and energy efficient and we don’t use any water at all in the production of Nu Stone Paper. We also don’t use any Bleach, Acid or Alkali

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For more information on each product please go to Product Range




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